Ute på vift med kameran selfie

it was wind!

I am Ola Hansson a commercial lifestyle and adventure photographer. I enjoy capturing moments that are reverse memories, unexpected, and showcasing something new in your life. My images are well produced, stylized and help the viewer experience a slice of life. The work can be seen in editorial stories to advertising campaigns.

Pictures have always been interesting and inspiring. First of all, because it's just memories. I've always wanted to try out limits in any way, no matter what I started skydive in high school, it became interesting to try to document our jumps from the airplane. Photography was not directly something I knew I wanted to do when I grew up in Malmberget a small town in northern Sweden during the 80's and 90's. I live in Umeå where I studied media producer at the university. It was mainly during the study period as the photography was accelerated more seriously.

For me, photography is really stimulating and fun, but it is also developed in many ways. One must try to be creative and influenced by the surroundings, imagination or the thing you know is important in life.  Photos with great stories, feeling and empathy attract me.